Brick Cladding: E-Brick

E-Brick, brick cladding combines excellent insulation with the beauty of hand-made facing bricks.

E-Brick panels are supplied fully finished and consist of a layer of insulating material, which is protected against wind and weather by a layer of extruded foam. These insulating brick cladding panels are then finished with slips of hand-made brick.

The E-Brick insulated brick cladding system is highly suitable for both renovation and new construction, since the most important factors in its success are not just its combination of excellent insulation and the beauty of masonry, but also its speed and simplicity of fitting. This plays an important part in new construction projects.


1. Polyurethane insulating layer, 40mm thick (*)

2. Quartz sand: The quartz sand between the strips and the polyurethane foam prevents the liquid polyurethane running through the joints and staining the outside of the strips. It combines with the liquid polyurethane foam to create a special polyurethane/quartz mixture (micro-concrete) in the joints of the strips of brick.

3. Slips of brick 20mm thick: the Vandersanden facing bricks are sawn into slips and corner pieces approx 20mm thick.

Because the insulating panels are clad with slips of hand-made facing brick, they have a natural look and cannot be told apart from an ordinary wall of “complete” hand-made facing bricks. They have the same properties and qualities. All the brick slips used are subject to regular quality controls in order to guarantee the highest quality in accordance with national and European standards.

Properties of E-Brick panels

Dimensions: 1350mm x 675mm
Thickness: from 60mm to 160mm(*)
Weight: 30kg/m² at thickness 60mm
Brick size: choice of WF50 (215x50x20mm) or
WF65 (215x65x20mm)
Dimensions over joints: WF50: 225 x 61,36mm
WF65: 225 x 75mm
Technical certification in: Belgium, France, Germany & UK

(*) an extra insulating layer up to 140mm thick (polyurethane/poly-isocyanate/expanded polystyrene/extruded polystyrene form …) is available either in production or at the building site.

Insulation Values

λo as per EN 13165 (W/mK) 0.030



The obvious strength of E-Brick is that the system offers you the perfect off- the-peg combination of excellent insulation and the aesthetics & the natural beauty of hand-made facing brick. But E-Brick offers you many other advantages as well.

    1. Installation and brick are integrated into a 60 mm cladding sheet (*)
    2. Can be applied to almost all outside walls.
    3. Fast, simple, clean fitting.
    4. Perfect installation: wind and air resistant, vapourpermeable (infra-red photos to be added here).
    5. Unlimited choice of colours thanks to Vandersanden’s extensive range.
    6. Brick slips are available in 2 sizes, WF50 (215 x 50 x 20 mm) and WF65 (215 x 65 x 20 mm).
    7. Can be combined with wood, plaster or natural stone finish.
    8. Delivered to site fully finished.
    9. Authentic natural look – cannot be told apart from “complete” hand-made facing brick.
    10. Brick slips have the same properties as “complete” hand-made facing brick.
    11. Highly suitable for both renovation and new construction work.
    12. Thickness of insulation can be increased from 40 mm to 140 mm depending on requirements.
    13. Optimum heat insulation cuts heating cost by up to 60%.
    14. Maintenance free.
    15. Lightweight system.
    16. Price of the E-Brick panels stays the same, no matter what colour of brick slip you choose (except Quartis, Leto, Morvan Black and Zena).
    17. Product certified in four countries Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and France.
    18. 10 year product guarantee on quality and insulating capacity.

(*) depending on the thickness of insulation chosen

Infrared Photos


After – With E-Brick Installation

E-Brick is not a DIY product installations must be carried out by Retro Cladding certified contractors only.
All certified contactors must have a Retro Cladding Installers certificate validated less than 12 months prior to installation and full valid public indemnity insurance must be in place.

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