Green Deal hots up for climate change

UK government’s Green Deal initiative is hotting up this Autumn, tackling climate change by cutting emissions and meeting energy demands through funding and support. The aim is to make British properties  energy efficient green homes, enabling the UK reach its reduced emission targets set out in the Climate Change Act 2008 through incentives enabling Green Deal to become a reality. But how will this sustainability plan affect Joe Bloggs, the local trader, or businesses in the short term? At the general level it sounds simple enough. Green Deal is about improving the energy efficiency of your property, with conditional financial support in the offing. There are no upfront costs, and the transition costs are absorbed into your electrical bill over a reasonable timespan, and offset by monthly fuel consumption savings. But with concerns echoing between MPs and Merchants, Housing Association, as well as cash flow matters, it seems prudent to learn about the mechanics of the Green Deal to know exactly where you stand this Autumn 2012 with the national rollout.

Some governmental and industry reassurance

The sustainability scheme is for the domestic sector (home owners / occupiers) and non-domestic sector (business traders) while more flexibility is considered for varying industry property uses.  Costumer protection is given, and redress is afforded in the unlikely event of dissatisfaction as the government and industry want this green policy to succeed. Costumers will be given an impartial advice line and website on allaying any fears. The UK government have provided training for Green Deal agents from Assessors, providers and installers as well as financiers. Authorised Green Deal agents can be verified from this websites database which acts as a consumer watchdog. Agents are vetted and accredited by UKAS with relevant certificates incorporating BS codes of practice. Agent proof of identity will be required to be shown to costumers alongside the official Green Deal Quality Mark. Costumers are also protected by existing laws, such as the 1974 consumer credit act, and have access to an Ombudsman.

How do I go green?

To implement the Green Deal Scheme, an authorised assessor will inspect your property, and give you a detailed account of what can and cannot be achieved in terms of energy efficiency, enabling you to make a responsible decision that will cater for your concerns. Green Deal can only be implemented with the mutual consent of both costumer and Assessor; and landlord if the case may be. Clear confirmation checks will then be verified over the transition to completion period before the party signs over the Green Deal plan to begin the payment process. Only then will you be charged via their regular electricity bill, and this comes after advanced notification from your Electricity supplier, on foot of notification from your authorised Green Deal agent.

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